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Service Notice

A majority of the carburetors being replaced are for problems related to fuel quality and contamination - not due to defects in materials or workmanship. The use of ethanol in fuel is causing a lot of these problems.

It is more important than ever for end users to maintain the fuel system according to the guidelines published in their operators manual. This practice will minimize the carburetor problems you may encounter, saving you money, time and a good deal of annoyance.

All warranty claims for carburetor replacements must be for an identifiable defect in material or workmanship as documented in the warranty statement.


Our Parts and Service Departments are simply unmatched in the area.

We've got a huge selection of parts available and in-stock for all the brands of equipment that we carry.

Our Service Department is manned by top quality technicians, factory trained and authorized to work on all the brands we sell, and experienced enough to fix any outdoor equipment regardless of brand name.

We're your authorized service center for:

  • Stihl
  • Husqvarna
  • Ariens/Gravely
  • MTD
  • Robin/Subaru
  • Poulan
  • Echo
  • Bearcat
  • American Yard Products
  • American SportWorks
  • Troy-Bilt
  • Stihl
  • Shindaiwa
  • Honda Power Equipment
  • Briggs & Stratton small engines
  • Kohler small engines
  • Honda small engines
  • Yamaha small engines

We're also an approved Warranty Center for all the brands we sell, and most of the ones we don't, including MTD and AYP.



hydrostatic-transmission-rebuildThere's something very satisfying about restoring a good, solid piece of equipment.

Sure, there's stuff out there not worth fixing, but people like us mostly own tractors and mowers we can eventually hand down, if we take good care of them.

But we expect our equipment to work - and work hard - so eventually we need to invest in a well-built piece of equipment.

And that's where Precision Small Engine comes in...our experienced and talented techs can rebuild or repair your hydrostatic transmission rather than buy something new that probably is not as sturdy.



If you plan to keep your equipment in good running condition, then tune-ups are a must. Nothing saves you more time and money than proper maintenance. And nothing wastes more time and money than a machine that runs poorly, or not at all.

Precision Small Engine has factory trained technicians that will keep your power equipment running for years! Be sure to arrange for your maintenance visits before the mowing season begins, and ask about end-of-season maintenance as well.



Need the oil changed on your equipment? No problem!

We carry most filters in stock and we use the oil brand that meets your manufacturers' specifications to keep your warranty active.

Give us a call or come in to speak to our service department to set up an appointment for an oil change. We're happy to point out the best oil and filters for your equipment.


carburetor-serviceIt's not uncommon to leave fuel in your outdoor power equipment. Unfortunately, that sometimes means your carburetor will need a rebuild and cleaning to restore proper engine performance. With dozens of carburetor kits in stock, Precision can restore that power you enjoyed when it was new.


A dull blade or chain will waste your time and energy. Dull mower blades tear grass rather than cut it, leaving grass susceptible to diseases.

Sharpen your mower blade or chainsaw chain today at Precision Small Engine and you'll notice the difference right away.