Spring Mower Maintenance Tips

Just when it seems like winter will never end, suddenly it's spring and things are growing like mad.

Before the grass grows over your boot tops, you've got to get out there and tame it. And before you crank up the mower for the start of the season, make sure it's ready.

spring mowing

Tune It Up

Check nuts and bolts and be sure they are tight. Frayed belts, dirty filters, missing parts and the plugs should all be replaced. Check any safety guards or shields and be sure they are in good working order.

Check Your Tires

Pressure okay? How worn are the treads? It may be time to replace them.

Check Your Fuel

A fuel stabilizer added to the gas thank will help prevent separation. That's important, because separation leads to corrosion. Run the engine for five minutes after you add the stabilizer.

Check Your Blades

Homeowners don't have to be as concerned as contractors, since they don't use the equipment as much or run it as hard. Still, check that blades are sharp and balanced before you start the mowing season. It makes cutting so much easier and your mowed areas look so much better.

Consider Height of Cut

This is important, so check this every spring to be sure it's set exactly where you want and need it.


bring your mowing equipment to the professionals in our service department and let us handle all the maintenance. That gives you peace of mind ...and some extra hours to enjoy other early spring activities. Fishing, anyone?